No Business Cards For An Entrepreneur

Charm, Charisma, Skill and a Business Card. If you're anything like me when I first moved to New York City then this was a recipe for success. After handing out over 300 business cards that offered my services as an entrepreneur, songwriter, and actor I began to doubt the recipe was worth keeping in the family. 

Every time I exchanged business cards with another would be entrepreneur or artist we would be full of excitement and promises. When it came time to work and create a strategy it was hard to get an answer via call or text. 

Lifestyle is often seen as a quality of life or a collective of habits a woman or man has built into their daily lives. 

"It's not about what you want or any goal, it's about what you're committed to doing or being." - Joe Apfelbaum

Reflecting on my results and measuring the success of my aim I decided to take a different approach to my work and allow for the personal side of my life to blend with my business life. This means that I'm no longer segmenting parts of my life and instead coming from a holistic place of living and experiencing. 

To succeed it can come down to knowing what you want and who you want to speak to about work and projects. Take a look at an article about developing a blueprint and persona for your brand.

Every person I meet is now put to the burner of listening to me decline their offer of their business card and instead they get a hand shake and I prompt them for their number. Immediately after I take the conversation to a deeper level. 

The approach is especially applied at a networking event, what is the point of walking out with 30 business cards if none are of any real value? If you can take the time to truly rule out the 1 person you decided to focus on at an event you are 1 step closer to finding someone that is as opposed to barely knowing anyone at all and walking away with the same empty promises. 

Be prepared to meet resistance from people who are used to the shallow experience because their habitual thinking doesn't allow them to break out of the circus and ascend into the next level of their entrepreneur career. 

In his book, The 7 Habits of Effective People by Stephen Covey, you are introduced to the idea that reaching Independence paradigm is only the beginning, the true level to achieve for effective action is Interdependence. 

It is my wish that this was of service to you and that it found you at a time when you needed to hear it for the next round in the ring. Everyone gets discouraged but if you allow me to get corny the good ones never stay down. Get up, take a deep breath, dust it off and sip on your favorite beverage as you pursue your happiness.