5 Reasons Your Family Doesn't Need Christmas Gifts This Year

Photo by  Jake Ingle

Photo by Jake Ingle

Today millennials are strapped for cash like never before as the job market moves further and further into the gig economy. Let’s not forget people are graduating with masters degrees but little work experience and almost crippling school debt. The thought of working at Starbucks after you wrote a 15 page thesis on the impact of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing industry for your communications final makes little sense. Overqualified is a real thing. Starbucks knows it and so do you. So, what can you do about gifts for the holiday? Keep the following 5 things in mind for the holidays.

  1. People have too many things, more things does not make everyone happier.

  2. If you live in Los Angeles or New York there’s plenty of things to do that are free, if you live anywhere else in between you’re a google search away from gold. I once met a guy in New York who came out from Virginia to meet people he can invite back home to help spread culture. Those are the kind of people living in the middle too. Its beautiful. Chances are your family is worried about the same thing. Open up the subject with one of them, especially if you trust them.

  3. People always have some money but they don’t always have good ideas. Get together with someone you trust in your family and let your contribution be the planning of the celebration.

  4. In the world of today loneliness is a real thing. Especially for big families. There is always someone left behind in a family. If you can’t make everyone smile for the holidays, there’s always at least one person you can make smile. Reach out to them and ask them how they’re doing.

  5. Today’s culture makes it so that the only gifts anyone wants are the things that are hard to come by like the latest smartphone or a better car. Even the kids want these now. Today It’s fairly easy for people to get everything else for themselves. This is exactly why you should simply take the time to call everyone in your family and ask them how they’re doing. Get a sense for where they are in life. Ironically, nobody calls anyone anymore. Chances are high that alone will get you off the hook.

So, what now?
Have your family take the 5 love languages test, t’s free. It’ll help you understand how to relate to them. If there are any people in your family who will need a gift at least you know it for sure as opposed to thinking all of them need a gift.