Why Start A Podcast | Building A New Brand

My clients often here me hail the mantra "Audio content is a good strategy for backlinks. In the long run the organic SEO game pays off." 

Podcasts are able to facilitate the reinforcement of your brand and place you directly in front of your audience.  Consider the fact that video and blogs force your attention to focus not allowing for multi-tasking in a world of multi-taskers.

Where as audio content, like podcasts, audiobooks and music offer the freedom to people to do other things like walk their dog, even take a shower. 

Not to get all weird on you or anything. 

Taking advantage of this content format while podcasts are on the rise would be a smart move. You can reach your audience, build connections, and reinforce your brand. You can even take the transcripts and repurpose them as blog posts.

That's the most important thing. That's our mission. To get your message heard.