How To Tell A Story With Video

Recently spoke to a colleague of mine trying to get his recording studio on the map for would be recording artists located in Hollywood, CA. 

My colleague has a regular clientele and his recent investment in a suite of film post production tools has inspired him to find more clients. I told him that this is a perfect opportunity to apply Local SEO tactics but he'll need a strategy and KPI's to make sure he understands whether it's working or not.

After grabbing a pen and paper to outline our goal and strategy I wanted to give him a visual tool to understand the power of storytelling in marketing.

This video of the New Google Pixel 2 effortlessly tells the story of a day in the life with a Pixel 2 at your hands.

Just like this video depicts what happens outside of a game of practice -- all brands should follow this lead. I suggested to my colleague that he include the things you do before and after a session. People want to be family, not customers. Think of the ice breaking banter before a recording or mixing session and then what happens as you go to eat afterwards.  This type of storytelling can help tremendously. Those are important brand representations that can only be done with video. :-)