How To Book A Guest For Your Podcast

Deciding to launch a podcast is a great step forward if you want to build a new community and launch a new product. Yes, you can educate, inspire and entertain but for the most part there is usually a financial objective at hand if it’s a podcast is being launched by an entrepreneur or small business. 

    The good news is that you don’t have to feel bad about starting something only because there’s a promise of money involved (A good business person usually doesn’t feel bad here) because there is a lot of value created by a podcast and if there isn’t a good deal of value the chances of the podcast helping you achieve your goal are slim to none. 

So, let’s take the first step and launch a podcast, if you don’t know what it’s going to be about the first read my article on deciding the subject of your podcast. 


    The rest of this post takes it for granted that you’ve already decided what the podcast is about and that you’ve hired a production professional or team. If you haven’t hired a team yet or don’t know what kind of team you would need read my article on choosing the right team for launching a podcast. 

    Once you have the team in place and you chose your topic, it’s time to choose who you will invite as guests to your podcast. Keep in mind there are different formats for a podcast that you can choose to do and not all of them involve finding a guest to interview. 

The formats that typically involve guests are the interview, the roundtable and the documentary types. 


    For all of these mentioned above you can develop a strategy for how you plan to reach out to them--the first strategy that comes to mind is to take an interest in the work of a professional who complements what you’re trying to achieve with your podcast and find a specific example of something they’ve done and make your first point of contact with them about that work. If they respond positively invite them to explore the idea of being a guest.


So here’s the to do list: 

  • Use social media like Twitter or LinkedIn as a channel of communication and reach out to your targeted guest. 
  • Make sure to have an understanding of how their work relates to what you hope to achieve before reaching out to them in any fashion. 
  • Make all your interactions with them as easy as possible to make it a positive experience every time. 
  • If they agree have an outline that they can follow to help them prepare for your recording session and this helps get the most out of them because they’ll know what isn’t relevant to your podcast audience. 
  • Ask them if there’s anyone they might know who would make a great guest for your podcast 
  • Repeat this process with each guest until you have reached your episode goals.


    If you’re looking for a template to use on social media or linkedin I would ask you to take a deeper look at why you want a template? If you did the work and took the time to learn about your guest simply making the mention of their work and the effect it had on you is enough. 

You want to personalize your outreach if you expect them to share the most valuable resource of the 21st century, Time. 

Even 15 minutes is a big ask these days so it’s worth it for the right guest to invest in them first. If you have any questions or would like to ask me to brainstorm with you feel free to contact me at also feel free to add me on LinkedIn