5 Team Members To Hire When Launching A Podcast

When it comes to launching a podcast one of the most important aspects involved is choosing the team that will help you meet your goal to launch. One of the best examples I’ve found for understanding what a good team looks like comes from a book I once read called, Connected by James H Fowler. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Imagine your house is on fire. Luckily, a cool river runs nearby. But you are all alone.
You run back and forth to the river, bucket in hand, 
toting gallon after gallon of water to splash on your burning home. 

Unfortunately, your efforts are useless. Without some help, you will not be able to carry water fast enough to outpace the inferno. 
Now suppose that you are not alone. You have one hundred neighbors, and, lucky for you, they all feel motivated to help. 
And Connected each one just happens to have a bucket. 
If your neighbors are sufficiently strong, they can run back and forth
to the river, haphazardly dumping buckets of water on the fire. 
A hundred people tossing water on your burning house is clearly better than you doing it by yourself.

The problem is that once they get started your neighbors waste a lot of time running back and forth.
Some of them tire easily; others are uncoordinated and spill a lot of water; one guy gets lost on his way back to your house. 
If each person acts independently, then your house will surely be destroyed. 
Fortunately, this does not happen because a peculiar form of social organization is deployed: the bucket brigade. 
Your hundred neighbors form a line from the river to your house, passing full buckets of water toward your house and empty buckets toward the river.

Not only does the bucket brigade arrangement mean that people do not have to spend time and energy walking back and forth to the river; 
it also means that weaker people who might not be able to walk or carry a heavy bucket long distances now have something to offer.
A hundred people taking part in a bucket brigade might do the work of two hundred people running haphazardly.


    When it comes to producing a podcast the right team is important to your successful launch and maintenance. While it isn’t rocket science, it does require a little bit of thinking and mapping out. Like any content with a goal, a strategy is required. Part of this strategy involves identifying what team members you’ll need for your particular podcast goals.

A few standard team members will be: 

-Audio Engineer for post production

-Graphic designer for visual assets used in promotion of your episodes

-Social Media Managers and Strategists

-Content Strategist to manage what the above mentioned teams have created

-Project Manager and Email Campaign Manager to keep communication strong between the different teams and Audience

    Once you have this team in place not only will your podcast succeed but a majority of your digital marketing. One of things to understand is that choosing to launch a podcast is the modern day version of launching a blog. 

Granted, podcast’s have been around since 2004 and even before then some version of the podcast was around--the only difference is that now it can be utilized as an additional marketing channel. The latest permission marketing rules still apply, please do not use this channel to spam or create junk without any value. 


Make sure your podcast is either entertaining, educational or inspirational. If it offers none of these value propositions then it’s a waste of time and energy. 


    On the other hand if it can offer even just one of these types of value you may find yourself making new friends across the digital space because of how intimate this platform is in nature. When people listen to you in places no other channel can then you have a relationship with people that no other channel has other than competing podcasts. 

    If you did your due diligence and identified why people should listen to your podcast and not another then you shouldn’t have any concern about competing podcasts. You team is the backbone to your podcast campaigns, themes and outreach. If you have any questions about which of these team members to find first I suggest you find yourself a decent audio engineer. 

If your podcast doesn’t sound good it doesn’t matter what the rest of the team is doing. For any questions you might have or if you just want to get in touch feel feel to email: philliplanos@gmail.com or find me on linkedin